How to move a complete seatank

Moved in following steps:

  1. One tempex-box home-made by sticking cuts of a piece of 2cm tempex layer on all outer surfaces of a small perspex tank. Filled half with water from the mother tank.
  2. Tried to catch fishes by luring them in a net with food. Catched three and put them in the tempex-tank which should be kept close to reduce heat-loss.
  3. All buttons collected in a separate bag (I used rubble bags), tight with binders and put into larger plastic boxes to provide a double defence against cooling and sloshing. Extra advantage: the (new) rubble bags form a clean inner side, don’t have to bother whether the boxes are clean and without traces of soap etc.
  4. Same way siphoned 80% of the water from the mother tank into 5 more rubble bags + boxes. Added one or two of the stones per bag.
  5. Last stone and the grind and two non-catchable fish left as is. Tank was now easy two bear by two persons, even one stair down. Into the car, some some tempex to fence the aquarium for bumps, and… on the move (1 hr drive, time’s ticking). I kept the tempex tank on my lap at the passenger seat.
  6. Back home first added a thermostatic heater to the tempex box (fishes are more vulnerable to temperature then the rest).
  7. Mother tank moved onti its final spot, also directly started heating again.
  8. Put back all bags in reverse order.
  9. Last 25 l refreshed with new seawater (John, the former owner had prepared a tank with demineralized water, I added heat and 950 g redsea salt).
  10. Pumps, light and filter on and … wait and see …
  11. After a few hours everything was already apparently fit, fishes swimming around, buttons “opening” in the following hours.
The moved tank, with all fish alive and kicking!

Bought a one year old complete seatank

An old dream of mine. Remember myself gazing at my grandpa’s tank with trunk fish. Fond of the old Jaques Cousteau TV-series. And at a later age swam around in it myself at the Red Sea (Dahab). And now finally (after lengthy negotiations with Pien;-) got a green light.
First tried for a most optimal tank in a corner: 40x40x100, so a superhigh nano tank. Later figuered I better not take too many challenges with this tank, me being a beginner. This form would from the start create difficulties with light-penetration to the floor, extra thick glass to sustain the pressure of the column, difficult water-circulation, how to clean the bottom, etc.
I changed to some more standard format and came across a take-over-tank which looked quite nice already and saving me already half the startup money…

I could buy this aquarium today at
Advertisement read (in dutch):
130 liter zeeaquarium compleet met levend steen en koralen ( 1 jaar oud )
tunze filter en 2 streamers waarvan 1 instelbaar in allerlei progamma’s
2 clownvissen
1 salarias
1 chromis
1 sierbaars ( paarsgeel)
diverse koralen
kokerworm , permuntgarnaal en diverse kreeftjes.
2 sierslakken ( erg bijzonder en waren vrij kostbaar)
6 weg stekkerdoos
veel toebehoren zoals test setjes, ruitmagneten, vuilklok
Emmer met zout
reverse osmose filters om je eigen zeewater te maken ( erg eenvoudig)