Watervalues fine, algae further pushed back

Hoeben (petstore with a nice seewater part) advised against algae to check KH and move it up to ca. 12. My check today (last column):

Test               Min Max  3-11-15 24-12 12-1-16
PO4 (mg/l)   0     0,03   0,03      0,05     0,03
Mg (ppm)   1200 1500  1200     1050     1170
Ca (ppm)    400   450     380        440      425
NO3 (ppm)   0       5          50         25           5
KH (dKH)      8       9        11,8       13,3       12,8
pH                 7,8    8,4

So KH is already on the high side. I found explanation about KH at http://www.zeewaterforum.info/forums/archive/index.php/t-89310.html?s=02f0c1feb0687278ce701d21e0a72c1d most useful.

I bought DinoX and applied this toxin also 3 times so far (like DinoXal last month), but with no result against the filament algae. After 3rd time I saw the skimmer residue turned a bit greener, so maybe have to continue a while.

Meantime refreshed 40 l (35%) of the water (hence the nice values above;-). I also took out the major rocks and brushed them clean.

Cyanobacterium (“rode flap”) easily removed with DinoXal

I started adding DinoXal from 24th dec three subsequent nights, which was sufficient to eradicate them.

About the dosis: the flacon directs “Apply 1 tsp. (5ml) per 25 gal. (100 ml) of tank water…”. Decided to apply 6ml only for my 120 L tank. (wander how many people would have applied 6 liter instead, guess not too many for the flacon only contains 250 ml, but sloppy manual it is.