New buttons, hard coral “try out”

More or less once a week now, I clean by syphoning some 25 litres, including scrubbing or picking algae from the rocks (stopped logging them all). The watervalues are good now, and filament algae and red flap can still reoccur, but not very fast.

Anemone fishes, Shrimps ansd Saliaris are doing fine. Thought it maybe time for some more corals/polyps, as far as the space permits (anemones tend to stick on one rock so far…).

Thus I came across a tank-man in IJmuiden, André, who was selling some left over cultures via Markplaats. Went there and my eyes stand out for a really very beautifull tank! Nice guy providing lots of advice and stories. Anyhow, I collected a leather coral, a small button with some star polyps, yet another poyp, and a small peace of hard coral. The last one more or less as a trial to see if my tank is ripe enough for hard corals.

Laurel & Hardy

The red nipple anemone split itself into two after the first week: Laurel & Hardy. Hardy moved to the back of the same rock. Recently Hardy moved back and they are next to each other again. Clown fishes are more and more familiarizing with them (sitting in them), and less and less friendly towards me :-).