Algazit against filament algae

Watervalues seemed OK by now, but the algae struggle already continues for a year, last month primarily by scrubbing of the algae with all kind of brushes.

Read, and (the same but more concise)

I applied almost all these measures, only not yet tried phosphate and nitrate blockers.

To apply this I decided to put an extra small pot filter (Juwel Filter Bioflow One) in the tank and bought Aqua Phosphate Minus which I apply in the filter cabin inside a kind of teabag.

I have the tank for almost a year now and impatience is lurking… Since I have only polyps, anemones, fishes and snails in the tank, I decided “what the hack” and also applied 5 tablets of Tetra Algazit. The website mentioned it can be used in any tank, the leaflet suggested fresh water only. I took the risk: I still have no hard coral, so the algae are the only plants in the tank, so they are supposed to be the only ones to suffer… Let us see: the tank now looks like:

And water values:

18 sep 16 Unit
1 NO3 (ppm)
0,02 PO4 (mg/l)
1230 Mg (ppm)
290 Ca (ppm)
9,9 KH (dKH)
8 pH

In graph up till now: