Introduced a new anemon and some SPS chorals, Mg too low.

Discovered a new shop in the neigbourhood: which is a pretty big shop on a factory site at Boesingheliede. Nice guys laying out some 20 big tanks with lots of species. Nice!

Bought a new red nipple anemone (Entacmea quadricolor), which made my anemone fish instantly happy (there was no exploratory phase like with the first anemons: apparantly they learned to play their role life by now).

Also bought some SPS chorals (the one that stressed erlier this year appeared to have fully recovered, so I was confident that the water values were not too bad after all).

Let the shop check the values as a doublecheck: They warned that Mg was too low. Started to fix this with Reef Foundation C.

No algae anymore, no anemons either…

The Algazit did its job ( i repeated the application 5 weeks later, so all 10 capsules went in…). Over the weeks the filament agae withered and disappeared (ending up as mucus in the Tunze, and I added a small pot-filter for extra cleaning). Still some left on the side-wall, which is fine with me and the Salarias in particular. The anemons however started to loose their color, withered and (despite efforts of the anemone fishes to cheer them up) finally completely withered. I overlooked that these form symbiosis with zoöxanthellen, cellular algae that live inside the anemon and deliver carbohydrates in return for the received protection. I guess by applying the lgazit I killed this intestinal flora as well and as a consequence starved the anemones to death…