Aiptasia plague

Aiptasia is becoming a bit too much at the moment: I have around hundred of them and they are becoming bigger and start nettling their neighboring polyps.
I first tried to take them out with lemon juice, but this simply did not help any more then getting them to spawn extra seeds in the tank. Occasionally one or two died.
I finally tried Juice-X which was a left-over from the former owner of the tank. I forgot to switch the pumps back on and the next morning one of the shrimps had died and a lot (hundreds) of small crustaceans which I only see occasionally whilst cleaning were now also floating dead around in misty water…
After cleaning and refreshing the impact on the rest of the tank seemed confined.
Later I tried to battle the Aiptasia’s with Aiptasia-X, and this worked fine. No collateral damage as far far as I can tell.

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