No algae anymore, no anemons either…

The Algazit did its job ( i repeated the application 5 weeks later, so all 10 capsules went in…). Over the weeks the filament agae withered and disappeared (ending up as mucus in the Tunze, and I added a small pot-filter for extra cleaning). Still some left on the side-wall, which is fine with me and the Salarias in particular. The anemons however started to loose their color, withered and (despite efforts of the anemone fishes to cheer them up) finally completely withered. I overlooked that these form symbiosis with zoöxanthellen, cellular algae that live inside the anemon and deliver carbohydrates in return for the received protection. I guess by applying the lgazit I killed this intestinal flora as well and as a consequence starved the anemones to death…

Algazit against filament algae

Watervalues seemed OK by now, but the algae struggle already continues for a year, last month primarily by scrubbing of the algae with all kind of brushes.

Read, and (the same but more concise)

I applied almost all these measures, only not yet tried phosphate and nitrate blockers.

To apply this I decided to put an extra small pot filter (Juwel Filter Bioflow One) in the tank and bought Aqua Phosphate Minus which I apply in the filter cabin inside a kind of teabag.

I have the tank for almost a year now and impatience is lurking… Since I have only polyps, anemones, fishes and snails in the tank, I decided “what the hack” and also applied 5 tablets of Tetra Algazit. The website mentioned it can be used in any tank, the leaflet suggested fresh water only. I took the risk: I still have no hard coral, so the algae are the only plants in the tank, so they are supposed to be the only ones to suffer… Let us see: the tank now looks like:

And water values:

18 sep 16 Unit
1 NO3 (ppm)
0,02 PO4 (mg/l)
1230 Mg (ppm)
290 Ca (ppm)
9,9 KH (dKH)
8 pH

In graph up till now:

New buttons, hard coral “try out”

More or less once a week now, I clean by syphoning some 25 litres, including scrubbing or picking algae from the rocks (stopped logging them all). The watervalues are good now, and filament algae and red flap can still reoccur, but not very fast.

Anemone fishes, Shrimps ansd Saliaris are doing fine. Thought it maybe time for some more corals/polyps, as far as the space permits (anemones tend to stick on one rock so far…).

Thus I came across a tank-man in IJmuiden, André, who was selling some left over cultures via Markplaats. Went there and my eyes stand out for a really very beautifull tank! Nice guy providing lots of advice and stories. Anyhow, I collected a leather coral, a small button with some star polyps, yet another poyp, and a small peace of hard coral. The last one more or less as a trial to see if my tank is ripe enough for hard corals.

Laurel & Hardy

The red nipple anemone split itself into two after the first week: Laurel & Hardy. Hardy moved to the back of the same rock. Recently Hardy moved back and they are next to each other again. Clown fishes are more and more familiarizing with them (sitting in them), and less and less friendly towards me :-).

Dottyback died

The Pictichromis paccagnellae (royal dottyback, dwergzeebaars) appeared stressed after the last big clean up. After a few day he was “gone”: died and probably eaten by anemone fishes or salarias.
Syphoned (20 l) and shrubbed some of the stones again.


Min Max 3 nov 15 24 dec 15 12 jan 16 22 mrt 16
0 0,03 0,03 0,05 0,03 0,05 PO4 (mg/l)
1200 1500 1200 1050 1170 2000 Mg (ppm)
400 450 380 440 425 600 Ca (ppm)
0 5 50 25 5 2 NO3 (ppm)
8 9 11,8 13,3 12,8 6,7 KH (dKH)
7,8 8,4 8 pH